Plant irrigation system with solenoid valve

Posted on la 28 huhtikuu 2018 in Articles

Super simple automatic irrigation system can be made with normally closed solenoid valve.


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Idea is to have water reservoir somewhere bit higher, so all needed for water flow is valve that stops or allows waer to flow. Normally closed solenoid valve is ideal to this as then water only flows when explicitely commanded so. And there is no unnecessary electricity used.

Many systems only use timer to water plants ( e.g. watering happens every day at 12 ) but this may drown plants or leave them dry if there is big changes in weather. So, in this system there would be moisture sensor to prevent those issues.


Cheap normally closed solenoid valve from China. Chose these because they run with 24V: that sort of power sources are easy to find.


Testing the valve: it should work with 24V. Starting with 0,5A.


Seemed to work well as when powered the valve clicked and took 0,059A (==59mA). That also follows the spec which gave 65mA.


Test setup for water.


Perfectly working valve in open state.

Control unit

  • 24V driver that can power the valve -> transistor array
  • sensor input -> processor to read the sensor

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