Measuring devices: Sextant

Posted on su 15 huhtikuu 2018 in Articles • Tagged with measuring, angles, mechanics, navigation

Sextant is used for measuring the angles between two ( far away ) objects.


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Sextants are quite simple but as they are really accurate measuring devices, one should always …

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Case: Hollow silver cubes

Posted on la 14 huhtikuu 2018 in Articles • Tagged with crafting, silver, cube, case, mechanics, prototype, design

This was a practice with silver work: how to create a hollow cube? Hollow as silver as a material is of course bit expensive but also as solid cube would be really heavy. Heavy is not something one wants for example with jewellery …

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Case: Cryptex

Posted on pe 13 huhtikuu 2018 in Articles • Tagged with 3Dprinting, case, mechanics, prototype, CAD, design

Cryptex is a puzzle box that can store things like notes inside it, and can be opened only with correct code ( or violence ). Here is the model for super simple cryptex that was originally made as panic gift in huuuuge hurry:


Exploded view …

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